Blood evidence

It never ceases to amaze me how people try to clean up. There was a story recently (click here for more info) about how a guy who murdered his girlfriend in the living room. The blood had oozed into the carpet. And it was well stained. The guy honestly thought he could just cut out the bloody carpet and replace it with new carpet and that no one would notice. I bet the guy thought he was being really …

DNA evidence and “lifers”

One was a fascinating case where a woman and her boyfriend were killed in their van. The killer made a car wrap in plastic and inside she and her boyfriend were inside wrapped in a blanket. It turns out the man’s semen was on that blanket and his finger prints were on the plastic. They ended up catching him some 30 years after the event when the cold case squad found his DNA in the CODIS database.

I just read

Apple bites

I am fascinated by this case with Apple and the law. They’re in court a second time because of encryption on their phones and the police wanting access to those encrypted files. The first big case is around the phones used in the California murders where the, now deceased, suspects were planning on their Apple phones. While the suspects were killed by police at the time of the rampage, the police still want their phones to mine for more information.…

We’ve had a change

Sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way you want it to. My partners and I have decided to follow other directions. We haven’t had a fight, just simply that I seem much more interested in keeping this blog going and they aren’t really interested in spending the time. Now I have a dilemma–my sight is supposed to be about how much legal paperwork stinks but I really don’t want to write on this stuff on my own.

I’ve decided